Thank you, Gawker, for bringing our attention to the story of a thong-wearing woman in St. Petersburg, Florida who went absolutely ape shit at McDonald’s.

The nearly-naked woman banged her head on the counter before trying to tear the kitchen apart with her hands. She shoved cash registers off the counter, flung trays across the room, and tipped over a huge refrigerator. Her grand finale involved eating soft-serve straight out of the dispenser, and stuffing her face with a handful of fries.

McDonald’s employees posted the uncensored security video on LiveLeak, and the video has already reached over 370,000 views since Sunday.

We don’t know what set off the topless woman, or why she felt the need to bring down McDonald’s, but does it even matter? Watch the spectacle for yourself in the NSFW video above.


[via GawkerLiveLeak]