Youtube comedians Steve Kardynal and Alex Negrete have subjected themselves to a shower of spaghetti, mustard, candy, and chicken and waffles—and you can watch it all in slow motion in the video above.

The video begins with a smiling Kardynal being showered by cascading Apple Jacks. His smile begins to fade when messier foods such as hotdogs, spaghetti and meatballs, and brownie sundaes take over.

The project, titled ‘Raining Foods,’ is meant to raise awareness about global hunger. We see it as a tribute to over-consumption, and a commentary on the American diet.


Kardynal and Negrete plan to use the viral videos to raise money to supply ready-to-use therapeutic food kits to those who need them through the Action Against Hunger program. According to the official donation page, “Restoring a life with therapeutic foods only takes 45 days and costs just $45.” As of today, they’ve raised $280 dollars and are hoping to reach a total of $8,000.


Watch part one of the video above, and part two below.

[via Design Taxi]