This wacky infomercial for Big Hot Dogs is advertising a real product.

You may think it is a joke, but you can actually get a $170, 7-pound hot dog shipped to you from Chicago. The company shilling the enormous wiener is aptly named Big Hot Dogs, and this is one of the many amazing infomercials hawking their oversized product.


So, what are the specs on this tubesteak?

  • 7 lbs 
  • 16″ long 
  • 4″ in diameter
  • 100% beef and pork
  • 40 servings per dog

The website explains,

“The BIG HOT DOG is served by slicing it into patties for cooking and eating per the consumer’s desire. Its the biggest, best and tastiest hot dog Chicago foodies have enjoyed ever!”

The “geniuses” behind Big Hot Dogs are NOT kidding around.

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