We came across this video about the very real dangers of Sad Desk Lunch while shoveling yogurt into our mouths and simultaneously staring at the computer screen in a brain-numbing trance. Such is life in modern-day America.

Health Editor of The Atlantic, James Hamblin, MD, informs us that social isolation and stress take years off of a person’s life.

Eating lunch at your desk is undoubtedly the result of the pressures of the modern day workplace, which tells us to spend 12 hours at the office with our asses attached to our desk chairs. But that doesn’t make SDL any better for our health.


He proposes: eating by the office plants, in the conference room, or “among  the bicycles.” Or maybe, if you’re feeling really ballsy, you could eat outdoors. That’s crazy talk! you’re probably thinking.


Seriously, before you resolve to stare at Facebook while shoving a sandwich down your gullet, take heed of these words from the New England Journal of Medicine:

[pullquote]”Patients classified as being socially isolated and having a high degree of life stress [have] more than four times the risk of death.”[/pullquote]

Still want to Sad Desk Lunch? That is a decision only you can make.

[via The Atlantic]

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