If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our favorite slacker movies, it’s the value of doing the bare minimum to get by in life. For heroes like Craig Jones from Friday and Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, it’s more important to sleep or smoke than to spend hours cooking a gourmet meal.

These characters teach us that every time a hurdle presents itself, there is a an easy way to crawl around it without overextending oneself. When all the cereal bowls are dirty, take a cue from Ice Cube and use a mixing bowl. When you’re hungry in class, simply dig into your pocket for some tater tots like Napoleon Dynamite. The rules of civil society barely apply to slackers, and that makes them so much fun to watch.

Scroll down to see over favorite cinematic examples of supreme culinary laziness.

Encino Man (1992)

If we dug up a caveman in our backyard, we would take him straight to the nearest mini mart, too. For Stoney Brown, introducing Link to modern life means teaching him about the importance of microwave burritos, and the best way to “wheeze” Slurpees.

Animal House (1978)

The best way to take down snobs is to embarrass them thoroughly in front of women. In this case, Bluto loads up his cafeteria tray with too many burgers for one person and plops down in front of the rich kids. He stuffs his mouth up with mashed potatoes, then punches in his cheeks. “I’m a zit!” he proclaims. Yuck.

Friday (1995)

Ice Cube knows that cereal is one of the most important food groups. So when he decides to have breakfast, the rapper-turned-actor fills an entire mixing bowl with a box of cereal, then chows down with a serving spoon.

Pineapple Express (2008)

Ah, the ultimate stoner movie. When Budlofsky and Matheson, two hapless henchman, break into Angie’s home, they find dinner on the table but no one in the vicinity. And so naturally, Matheson sticks both his hands into the grub and proclaims, “The food’s still warm!” And then he lingers just a second too long, making the audience feel as if he probably licked his fingers greedily soon afterwards.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

Spicoli is everyone’s favorite stoner. In this classic scene, he orders a pizza to class, which might be the ultimate power move. We don’t know what’s better: Sean Penn’s stupid grin, or his teacher’s reaction. Either way, high school would have been so much better had we known this trick.

Saturday Night Fever (1977)

New York City’s pizza is the pinnacle of street food, and John Travolta’s Tony Manero does right by it. After picking up two slices from Lucky’s Pizzeria, Manero simply stacks one on top of the other and chows down—a move that is at once ambitious and extremely lazy. It’s this duality that makes slacker eating so inspirational.

Juice (1992)

In Steel’s kitchen, the special is always ham and eggs seasoned with Old Bay. And it’s not a complete meal until you top it off with a Colt 45. The fact that Steel is so proud of his malt-liquor deployment makes it all the more awesome.

Napolean Dynamite (2004)

Napolean’s cast as a chronic loser throughout this film, but in some ways, he’s outsmarted us all. In this scene, he reveals his greatest trick: storing the cafeteria’s treasured tater tots in his pockets for optimal ease in snacking.

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