Swedish coffee-maker chef Katja Wulff hated traditional cooking. She also didn’t have a stove in her dorm room at college, but still needed to eat.

Rather than give up on cooking entirely, Wulff decided to make life interesting by cooking everything in her coffeemaker.

She’s also tried cooking with hair crimpers, curling irons, clothes irons—even a washing machine.

Coffee Machine Cuisine by Dan Sorensen


The talented photographer behind the Coffee Machine Cuisine blog is Dan Sörensen, who also happens to be Wulff’s boyfriend.

Sörensen drew the line at washing machine cookery, as did Wulff’s parents. “Now I’m not allowed to cook with anything other than the stove at their place,” Wulff tells The Atlantic.

Hair Crimper Minute Steak by Dan Sorensen

Wulff loves her three cats, Iggy, Zappa, and Gucci, and all three of her feline friends show up frequently in the photos on the site. For Gucci’s birthday on April 10th, Wulff made her cat a cake with her coffee maker.

Presumably, this reassured blog visitors that her April Fool’s joke post about how to cook a cat with your coffeemaker was only a joke. Or was it…


birthdaycake by Dan Sorensen

Some of the recipes rely on using the coffee machine’s carafe—like this recipe for cauliflower soup—while other rely on using the machine’s hot plate for cooking.

Wulff acknowledges that it isn’t necessarily the fastest or most efficient way to cook, but argues,

“That’s not the point. This is one of my main interests! I know it’s an unusual one, but some people like to dance, sing, paint, or race with cars. I don’t. I like to try and make different things edible with my coffee maker.”

Coffeemaker Waffles by Dan Sorensen

If you read Swedish, you can check out Kaffekokarkokboken, the original-language version of the Coffee Machine Cuisine blog.

It created enough of a sensation that there was also a book of the same name released in 2011, but alas, there are no plans yet to release an English-language version of the tome. The photography for the book, also taken by Sörensen, is pretty incredible.


Wulff knows that coffee machine cooking isn’t for everyone, but it amuses her, and she hopes it amuses you, too. She tells The Atlantic,

“I want it to be a feel-good blog that inspires lots of people. I read a review once of our book that said (poorly translated from Swedish) ‘… Every time I feel down and I feel like all my ideas suck, I will read this book and just laugh out loud…’ and that’s the way I want it to be. It doesn’t matter if you are into cooking or not, I hope that people will smile when they read it, because it’s not really about cooking. It’s about doing what you love to do, whatever people say about it.”

We’re inspired, specifically to go home and cook our cat in a Mr. Coffee machine.

[via the Atlantic]