While attempting to rob an Arby’s in South Carolina, 22-year-old Laquain Dashawn Guy got stuck in a vent for close to six hours. What does Arby’s have that’s worth climbing through a vent for? All we can think of is Pharrell’s hat.

Guy was arrested on Tuesday morning after Jackie Williams, an Arby’s employee, called the police upon hearing Guy’s SOS calls. “It sounded like, ‘help! help!” Williams said. The police found Guy stuck, helplessly, in the vent, rescued him, and then promptly arrested him.

Joe Graham, Mullins Police Captain, told WMBF that rescue workers managed to save Guy by cutting through a ventilation pipe and pulling him out through the roof.

Guy was strapped to a backboard and taken by helicopter to a medical center due to dehydration and muscle injuries. He currently faces a charge of second-degree burglary.

Moral of the story? If you’re going to rob an Arby’s, just don’t get stuck in a vent.

[via Huffington Post]