“He likes rappers and he likes wraps, so why not talk to rappers eatin’ wraps?” asks the intro song to Matt Bonner’s new ESPN show, Wrappin’ With the Red Mamba.

It’s no secret that the Spur’s forward is a lover of sandwiches. Last month, we introduced you to Bonner’s sandwich blog, The Sandwich Hunter, which currently has an archive of 23 sandwiches from across the country.

In the first episode of his video series, Bonner meets with Geto Boys rapper Bushwick Bill at Torchy’s Tacos in Austin, Texas, and asks the rapper what his favorite sandwich is. Bushwick Bill responds:

“It would have to be the tuna avocado on garlic bread sandwich. Chicken of the Sea is my favorite tuna because when I came to the South, I realized that a chicken was a barnyard pimp. I was like dagnabbit I thought I left that in New York.”

The Red Mamba was supposed to have Riff Raff on his sandwich show as the special guest, but he bailed. We think Bushwick Bill was a definite upgrade.

Listen to Bushwick Bill rap about wraps and bite into a pork taco that “snap, crackles, and pops without Rice Krispie treats” in the video above.

Photo: ESPN

[via ESPN]

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