Himanshu (formerly of Das Racist) laid down a track for the season 3 premiere of Anthony Bourdain’s travel show, Parts Unknown. The episode, in which Tony explores Punjab, India, premiered last night on CNN.

Listen to Himanshu’s track from Parts Unknown: Punjab below.

Heems’ original song is littered with references to Desi dishes.

“Tony you an O.G…Prolly got fat off that makki di roti,” he raps.

Another winning line (and general good advice) is: “If you get to Bombay got to try the pav bhaji.”

But our favorite part of the song has to be: “Don’t take tension, don’t be fussy, sit back, relax, have a cold glass of lassi.” Again, generally solid life lessons from Heems.

[via Nehru Jackets]

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