It’s good to be king. North Korean leader and compressed marshmallow Kim Jong-Un has a thing for Emmental cheese—he took a shine to it as a student in Switzerland, probably due to its stellar qualities as a dorm-room grilled cheese ingredient (dictators, they’re just like us).

Apparently, it’s hard to find quality Swiss dairy products in Pyongyang, but Outstanding Leader isn’t sweating it.

In a stroke of political inspiration, he’s combined snacking with diplomacy, sending a crack team of North Korean food experts to fromage bootcamp in France.



They’ll spend seven months being put through their paces at the National Dairy Industry College (ENIL), focusing on how to elevate their starving country’s Emmental production.

Perhaps other world leaders will take a page from O.L.’s statesmanship handbook, and engage in some munchies-driven cultural exchange themselves. Rumor has it Secretary of State John Kerry likes snacking on Milano and chocolate chip cookies, but he’ll Hulk out on you if he finds a tomato in his sandwich.

[via Daily Mail, BBC News]

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