Welcome back to “10 Dishes,” an original First We Feast series that brings you inside the kitchens of some of NYC’s best chefs to learn about the dishes that define them.

Last time we went behind the plancha bar at Toro NYC, co-owner and chef Jamie Bissonnette showed us his rustic dish of baby squid, migos, and a farm egg. But the beauty of sprawling menu at the Spanish hot spot is that this type of simple, soulful cooking can co-exist with some truly luxurious dishes fit for a blowout celebration.

Chief among those is Ken Oringer’s beloved “Uni Spoon,” remixed here with jamón ibérico to give it a Spanish twist. The dish dates more than a decade to the early days of Uni in Boston, and it’s become one of the chef’s signatures. As he told us earlier,


I like to go for a wow factor with certain dishes so they become a conversation piece. I make the uni spoon at Uni, and now do a variation of it at Toro. It combines a few of my favorite foods into one luxurious and interesting bite: Osetra caviar, fresh sea urchin, and a quail egg yolk seasoned with yuzu juice and soy sauce served with chives. I instruct people to eat it like an oyster and chew everything together.


Suffice to say, if Oringer were competing on The Taste, the uni spoon would win every time. Watch the video above to see Oringer put together his version of the perfect bite.

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