A Jezebel reader took it upon themselves to go through the list of Cosmo‘s Craziest Food-Related Sex Tips and test them out for herslef. The tips include such suggestions as slip a doughnut around his genitals and slowly eat it off, and make a BDSM belt out of sour punch straws. These are actual sex tips from Cosmo—we’re serious.

Read the full rundown over on Jezebel to see how effective each food-related sex tip proved to be. The tester and her boyfriend ever rated the tips on this amazing scale:

0 — I think I’d rather fuck a cactus.
1 — Could you hurry up? There’s laundry to do.
2 — Well, my genitals aren’t exactly unhappy about this experience.
3 — Starting to move the needle, and by needle, I mean my man/ladybusiness.
4 — All aboard the SS HappyFunPantsTimes!

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