What’s an Easter egg if it’s not monumental?

As part of New York City’s citywide Fabergé Easter Big Egg Hunt, famed chocolatier Jacques Torres is auctioning off one of the world’s most expensive edible egg.

The egg, molded from Torres’ famous milk chocolate, is nearly 30-inches tall, reports The Daily Meal. It weighs 120 pounds, and even has a miniaturized New York City skyline attached.

The chocolate skyline includes the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Rockefeller Center, according to the auction listing.

As of this morning, bidding was at $1,100, with 12 bids placed.

Torres’ creation, called “We are New York,” inspired us to investigate some more superlatives of Easter egg history.

Scroll down to see the priciest and largest edible Easter eggs.

“The Golden Speckled Egg” by William Curley, 2012

Photo: Antipasto

Photo: Antipasto

How much does it cost? Over $10,000
Why is it special? The egg was commissioned for the 2012 Fabergé Easter egg hunt in London. It weighed 110 pounds, and was molded with Amadei chocolate from the Chuao region of Venezuela.


“The Shawish Egg” by Philippe Pascoët, 2014

How much does it cost? $46,500
Why is it special? Specially commissioned for the Harrods egg hunt by jewelry company Shawish, the egg is crafted from a blend of chocolates and decorations made from 65% Venezuelan chocolate. Crack it open, and the egg reveals a hidden treasure: an 18ct white gold necklace.


The Bariloche Egg, 2012

How big is it? 27-feet high and 16-feet wide; made from approximately 9,000 pounds of chocolate
Why is it so special? Argenitina’s egg, commissioned for a national chocolate festival, holds the world record for largest edible Easter egg. It took 27 bakeries two weeks just to make the egg, accoding to The Daily Mail.