Metta World Peace jumped on Twitter yesterday to talk about how to change your life through healthy eating. The NBA player formerly known as Ron Artest has a casual 476K Twitter followers, so we’re sure his tirade against “fake foods” helped influence the eating habits of a few of his fans.

According to Lakers strength and conditioning coach Tim DiFrancesco,

[pullquote]“[World Peace] is really in tune with a lot of high level nutrition approaches…He takes [nutrition] very seriously, and younger guys in our locker room started to see that.”[/pullquote]

From 2011 to 2012, World Peace went from 260 pounds (and 13 percent body fat) to 245 pounds (and 6 percent body fat).

“I wasn’t balanced and I was too overweight and I wasn’t able to work out in the summer time. Being in shape helps me out a lot,” World Peace told L.A. Daily News. Now, it seems the healthy eating guru wants to spread the gospel.

Take a look below at MWP’s tweets on how to eat healthy and change your life in the process.

Cook at home

Don’t Eat Too Much


Know That You Are What You Eat

Train Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Share the Healthy Eating Gospel

Make Eating Fun