Thrillist writer Lee Breslouer has a scientific theory: Women like men. But women love cupcakes. Ergo, a cupcake will get more matches on Tinder than a man.

The logic is airtight, but like any good scientist, he had to test out his hypothesis before unleashing his wisdom on lonely single men everywhere. So, Breslouer pretended to be a cupcake on Tinder to see how the ladies would respond.


The result?

“I got more attention as a cupcake on Tinder than I have on any dating site I’ve ever joined.”

Well, no surprise there—who could resist that jawline, that luscious dark hair, and that cheeky sliver of cake peeking out from under the frosting? Nobody, that’s who.


Apparently, many women were not just drawn to cupcake Connor’s profile, but they immediately got down and deliciously dirty in their messages.

Tinder cupcake chat 1

Unfortunately for romantic confections, it seems that being this level of irresistible doesn’t make it any easier to find love. Some women just want one thing.

Tinder cupcake chat 2

[via Thrillist]

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