Kickstarter is at it again with a prototype for the Golden Goose, a tool that scrambles the yolk and white of an egg inside the shell.

The Golden Goose is the creation of Geraint Krumpe, and has its roots in a Victorian era children’s toy. Users simply place their egg in the tiny container, then begin pulling the Golden Goose’s two handles apart.

The cords on either side of the egg basket are twisted in such a way that it picks up velocity, spinning that poor egg furiously. Centrifugal force scrambles the egg without ever breaking the shell.

Krumpe notes that the hand-powered product was designed for home use, but could be effective in a restaurant setting as well.

The Kickstarter’s earned an impressive $40,887 of its original $34,500 goal, with 19 days still to go. Apparently the demand is strong.

We think that drunk Chrissy Teigen would approve.

Scroll down to see a video of the Golden Goose in action.

[via Business Insider]