Fast-food mavens, let us rock your world.

As we’ve said before, eating fast food is less about epicurean pleasure, and more about maximum efficiency and cost-cutting. That’s why it’s worth your time to study up. It takes a real connoisseur to get a Cheesy Gordita Crunch with a Dorito shell, or score a bigger Chipotle burrito without paying anything extra.

With the help of Quora and Reddit, we’ve compiled a list of the most effective fast-food tips and tricks. Stick with us, kid, and soon you’ll be strutting through Taco Bell and Panda Express like a king.

Check out the sneakiest fast-food hacks in the game, and how to pull them off.


The trick: Get a Big Mac for half the price.

How? Order a McDouble, but order it without ketchup or mustard. Instead, ask for lettuce and Big Mac sauce. What you’ll receive is, essentially, a Big Mac for less than $2 (a Big Mac normally costs around $4.62). What’s more, you can order your burger with a steamed bun to ensure that it’s super fresh.

Source: Reddit

Photo: Wikimedia

Photo: Wikimedia

Jamba Juice

The trick: Customize your smoothie to suit your taste.

How? At Jamba Juice, you can request to change any ingredient in a smoothie. It’s also possible to ask for less ice, or even no ice. For what it’s worth, Jamba Juice is obligated to replace any badly-made smoothie for free. Use that information as you like.

Source: Reddit

Taco Bell

The trick: Get an improved Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

How? For a measly 30 cents extra, substitute the plain shell in the Cheesy Gordita Crunch for a Dorito shell. Thank us later, after you’re done weeping with joy.

Source: Reddit

Outback Steakhouse

The trick: Score even cheesier cheesy fries.

How? Order your cheesy fries “layered.” This way, the cheese will be melted evenly throughout the plate of fries, and no fry will be left out in the cold.

Source: Reddit

Photo: Tadatop

Photo: Tadatop


The trick: Get a Chipotle burrito larger than any Chipotle burrito you’ve ever seen.

How? Put on your friendly face. Order a bowl, then ask for a tortilla on the side (it’s free!). Ask for extra rice, both pinto and black beans, and fajita vegetables. Order a 1/2 scoop of one protein and a 1/2 scoop of a second protein. They will only charge you for the more expensive protein, but will normally fill the scoop for both servings (at very least, you’ll probably get about 1.5x the normal amount).

Ask for both salsas and extra corn, along with lettuce and cheese. Order guacamole “on the side”—but not a “side of guacamole”—which will be a larger quantity than the regular topping amount. Now take your haul and wrap your mega burrito yourself.

Note: Going late at night can also be helpful, since the server is more likely to stuff the bowl without paying attention.

Source: Quora

Photo: Knox News

Photo: Knox News

Panda Express

The trick: Receive a free entree.

How? Completing a short online survey at gets you a Panda Express coupon for a free entree. So easy.

Source: Service Guidance

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