There’s no denying that the Department of Health is the bane of every restaurant and chef’s existence. The DOH has already received a lot of negative attention due to ridiculous measures that require sushi chefs to wear gloves and replace cutting boards that have scratches. To further boost their reputation of being annoying, New York food inspectors may soon be dishing out sanitation grades while wearing Google Glass.

The City Council sent out a proposal on Thursday to hook Health Department employees with the glasses to record videos of site visits. The program would require a yearlong pilot phase in which 10 percent of the 160 health inspectors would wear the devices.

Bill sponsor Vincient Ignizio told the New York Post that video recording would “limit the abuses on both sides of the table, and it would allow for more objective view by the judge on the violations that have been cited.”

The proposal has already gained the support of 22 of the 51 total council members, who hopped on board because of complaints related to “spiteful inspectors or of guilty restauranteurs fighting deserved fines.”

Backers are willing to pay $200 per video recording device, so if they do decide to go with Google Glass—which retails for about $1,500 per pair—they’ll have to do a bit of bargaining.

[via NYPost]

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