Earlier this week, a technical glitch at a Del Taco in Santa Paula, CA resulted in around 150 customers being charged thousands for their snacks. According to CBS Los Angeles, one customer paid $2,000 for a soda and another dropped $4,050 on two tacos and a pizza.

But Dino DeLao was slapped with the biggest bill of all: $10,220 for six tacos that should have cost $10.20.

Del Taco has promised to refund the charges, which must make DeLao feel way better about his mortgage check bouncing. At least he can claim to have eaten the most expensive taco in history; at around $1,700, that’s a steal compared to America’s priciest burger and hot dog.

Just keep one eye open, taco fans, because this isn’t the first time the chain has ripped off it’s customers.

[via Eater]

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