Welcome back to “10 Dishes,” a video series in which we head behind the scenes with 10 NYC chefs to hear the stories behind their signature dishes.

As we learned from hearing about the dishes that have defined Daniel Boulud’s career so far, the chef knows a thing or two about crafting classics. For him, it’s these iconic dishes that become synonymous with a chef’s legacy—Thomas Keller has his Oysters and Pearls, David Chang has those pork buns, and Paul Bocuse will always be the crown prince of loup en croûte (among other things).

Boulud himself has managed to hit a few grand slams in his day, from his Sea Scallops in Black Tie to the game-changing DB Burger. But no dish captures Boulud’s haute-French roots quite like the Crisp Paupiette of Sea Bass—a dish developed at Le Cirque, made famous at Daniel, and preserved today at Cafe Boulud. From the rich red wine sauce to the painstaking presentation inspired by Bocuse and Frédy Girardet, it’s both timeless and endlessly satisfying.

Recently, the powerhouse chef took us inside the kitchen at Cafe Boulud to talk about the origins of the dish and show us how it’s made. Watch the video above to see DB in action.

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