You may assume that when chefs get home after a long night at the restaurant, they snack on the most pristine and magnificent of foods. Sure, sometimes they do. But other times they give into their earthly impulses, and grab a fast-food burger, McDonald’s strawberry milkshake, or a pack of stale Haribo gummies.

In the video above, asks London chefs to divulge their secret “guilty” food pleasures. “I work so hard I don’t have any guilt for any pleasure I have. Because pleasure is pleasure,” says chef Ruth Rogers of The River Cafe.

From processed cheese snacks to McDonald’s milkshakes, here’s what top London chefs crave when they’re feeling naughty:

Brad McDonald (The Lockhart)

Shake Shack burger; Papa John’s pizza

Yogesh Datta (The Painted Heron)

McDonald’s strawberry milkshake

Daniel Doherty (Duck & Waffle)

Dairylea Dunkers

Patrick Hanna (L’Entrepot)

Potato, cheese, and onion crisps, “especially in a sandwich with butter—the worse quality the bread, the better.”

Oliver Lange (The Magazine Restaurant)

Haribo jellies, “but they have to be open for one day, and it needs to be a little but dry.”

Ruth Rogers (The River Cafe)


Paul Hood (Social Eating House)

Anything with chocolate on it

Anthony Garlando (Aqua Shard)

Chocolate and chips

Sanjay Dwivedi (Coya)

Baked beans on toast with lots of butter

Claudio Cardoso (SUSHISAMBA)

“Everything that’s a bit on the fatty side”