Sometimes you just get that strange craving for beef. Which is fine, unless you happen to be a Buddhist leader.

A monk in Nantou County, Taiwan publicly apologized for stealing and eating packets of beef jerky, reports the Taipei Times.

The 60-year-old monk said:

“It was the covetous desire inside me, I am very sorry, I have let Lord Buddha down.”

In the past few months, the monk had been travelling to monasteries around China, finally settling in Zen Buddhist temple in Nantou.

He reportedly shoplifted spiced beef jerky three times from a convenience store near his temple. The monk was eventually arrested when security camera footage showed him, red-handed. He even had the nerve to eat his jerky while still in the store.

To make things more awkward, the monk denied allegations when police arrested him. Shortly after, he took the “flustered old man” approach to the situation, alleging that he simply forgot to pay.

A representative of Nantou County’s Religion Trade Union told the Taipei Times that “the case should be a lesson for all monks, as the requirement of abstinence from eating meat had been violated and that stealing things is an indictable crime.”

What’s more, “the first Buddhist precept is ‘no killing,’ requiring monks and nuns to practice vegetarianism to reduce the suffering of living creatures.”

We feel bad for the guy, but we’re not sure how he thought he could get away with stealing a product, then eating it in the very same store.

To quote the one and only vegetarian-hater Anthony Bourdain:

“Vegetarians, and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans … are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit.”

We wouldn’t go quite that far, but this monk’s urge to eat meat was obviously very intense.

[via Taipei Times]