Recently, Drake’s “Draft Day”—in which Drizzy brags about “brunch with some Qatar royals”—sparked a conversation in our office about the place of brunch rap music canon. After all, the preferred meal of hungover bros and basic bitches seems decidedly un-hip-hop at first glance.

We initially agreed that the only silver lining of Biggie’s premature death was that we never had to see him brunch (or promote Ciroc), but then we remembered that, actually, he very clearly mentioned brunch on his most popular song of all time.

Needless to say, an investigation was in order. We dug in the crates (well, listened to music on the Internet) to find the best/most hilarious invocations of brunch and discovered that it’s actually quite popular in the rap world.

While there doesn’t seem to be any specific reverence for eggs Benedict or French toast, the meal is often used to suggest a luxurious lifestyle. This makes sense, since only rich people have time to be sleeping in late and thinking, ‘Wellll, I’m still in the mood for breakfast, but it’s more like lunch time, what to do!?’ Furthermore, only rich people can eat at the Four Seasons and Philippe, which seem to be the preferred spots for hip-hop brunching ops.

Here, then, is your new brunch soundtrack…

The Notorious B.I.G., “Juicy”

The lyric: “Lunches, brunches, interviews by the pool
 / Considered a fool, ’cause I dropped out of high school.”

Drake, “Draft Day”

The lyric: “Brunch with some Qatar royals and my cup is all oil / You know it’s real when your ni**as will take the fall for you.”

Jay Z, “Song Cry”

The lyric: “We was together on the block since free lunch / We should’ve been together having Four Seasons brunch.”

Danny Brown, “Grown Up”

The lyric: “Remember all the dinners all we ate was Captain Crunch / Now we blow big blunts on the way to brunch.”

Eminem, “Bagpipes for Baghdad”

The lyric: “Locked in Mariah’s wine cellar, all I had for lunch / Was red wine, more red wine and Captain Crunch / Red wine for breakfast and for brunch / And to soak it up, an in-between snack, crackers to munch.”

Jay Z, “Venus vs Mars”

The lyric: “I finish my breakfast, shorty’s out to lunch / Yeah, we both eating, it’s better than brunch.”

Jean Grae, “37”

The lyric: “Drop Henny to drop calories, opt out of / Block parties or rap parties, and back out of / Brunches with a bunch of motherfuckers you don’t like.”

Nas, “Carry On Tradition”

The lyric: “Look at us rap stars now, with our black cars now / Fortune 500 listed, brunches Cipriani’s—sippin’, blunted, with rich white guys around me.”

T.I., “56 Bars”

The lyric: “I stay on my, one-two, ni**a who want to / Turn a brunch into a brawl, do what you gon’ do.”

Ghostface, “The Game”

The lyric: “Words with the President, brunch with Yeltsin / Gorbachev under Meth’s nuts, he out in Belgium.”

David Banner, “Castles in Brooklyn”

The lyric: “I got a rich chick in Dumbo, met her in the Gucci store / She love to eat brunch at Philippe…wild girl.”

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