Danish photographer Per Johansen is behind the slightly nauseating, extremely thought-provoking photo series ‘Mæt’ (which translates to ‘Full’). Through his art, Johansen’s would like to inspire questions about animal rights, overconsumption, and questions of ethics and morality in the meat industry.

The series was put together by stuffing plastic containers and bottles with animal products such as chicken, eel, Vienna sausage links, and fish. The containers are a metaphor for the human stomach, claims Johansen, filled with meats that, upon first glance, are “seemingly aesthetic in perfect harmony…but if you take a closer look, the motifs are marked by something decadent, disgusting, and incarcerated.”

Below is a segment from the project info, written by Charlotte Kim Boed,

“Nowadays, prosperous countries and consumer society gorge on vast amounts of nutrients, where genetically engineered food, e-numbers and pesticides are utilized to promote the global and lucrative food industry sales statistics, while an increasing number of consumers have to undergo obesity surgery or get psychiatric help. What is your food consumption like? Are you full now?” 

These grotesque images make the idea of “stuffing yourself silly” seem a lot less attractive.


[via Design Taxi]