Last night via Instagram, the man behind Parts Unknown and Mind of a Chef looked into his iPhone camera and warned the world that he would not be hawking colon care products or Pepto Bismol anytime soon. Not because of principle, Bourdain says, but because he’s just too vain.

Although Bourdain will not be the face of Pepto Bismol, the culinary renegade does admit to being “part of the problem.” He once told talk show host Joy Behar,

“I’ve become part of the problem. I think when I first started, I made a career out of laughing at poor Emeril. He looks like Escoffier now compared to some of the people out there.”

We still love the author and travel show star, and can’t wait for Parts Unknown season 3, which premieres this Sunday.

Here’s a little Vine preview of the season premiere, which takes place in Punjab, India and features music by Himanshu (formerly of Das Racist).