Although Amazon’s drone delivery idea was something of a joke, Amazon Dash—the company’s latest grocery delivery innovation—seems a bit more practical.

The handheld remote is part of AmazonFresh‘s quest to make grocery shopping painless. The wand features a built-in scanner you wave across products’ barcodes to add them to your grocery list via WiFi.

According to the ad campaign, most items arrive the day after being ordered. And while the video shows a handy delivery man picking up reusable grocery bags when he deposits new ones, the system doesn’t seem entirely practical to us.

If you decide to order chocolate chips one day, and find that you need milk the next, does Amazon create two separate one-item orders? That doesn’t seem to be a very efficient system, but hopefully they’re still working out kinks.

Amazon is currently offering signups for a free trial for Dash, though the AmazonFresh service is presently limited to delivery in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Watch the video to see Amazon Dash in action.

[via Laughing Squid]