Thanks, BuzzFeed, for creating this invaluable visual history of pizza, stretching from 500 B.C., when Middle Eastern and Mediterranean people began topping flatbreads, through 1995, when we started stuffing crusts. Here’s a breakdown of the history of pizza, in case you’re too lazy to watch the video:

  • In the 1500s, Greek settlers in Naples ate flatbreads with various toppings.
  • In the late 1700s, true pizzas were being produced by baking pizza dough together with their toppings.
  • The first pizzeria was Antica Pizzeria, established in Naples in 1830. It’s still in business today.
  • The first American pizzeria was Lombardi’s, which opened in 1905 in Manhattan.
  • Pizza was popularized across the United States when soldiers returned from Italy after World War II with a taste for it.
  • In the ’50s, pizza chains began to open across the country, eventually spreading the gospel in international markets.

After the ’50s, the following innovations in pizza technology came about:

Frozen Pizzas

frozen pizzas

Delivery Boxes

Pizza Boxes

Pizza Rolls

Pizza Rolls

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