Paddy Murphy, a farmer in County Kildare, Ireland, was puzzled when he found an odd-looking, newborn black lamb hopping about amongst a flock of white sheep. That’s because it wasn’t a lamb, but a “geep.” Part sheep, part goat. Stop the motherf*cking presses.

The rare hybrid animal is the result of an unintentional mating between a goat and one of the sheep farmer’s Cheviot sheep. Murphy had noticed a goat mating with one of the ewes about five months ago, but didn’t think about it much until the little geep popped out.

Murphy confirmed that the geep is healthy, and can even run faster than his fellow lamb buddies. He told BBC,

“He’s unbelievable. He’s so fast you’d have to get him into the pen to catch him. There’s no chance you would catch him otherwise.”

Murphy told The Irish Times that this is a one-off “pure shock to the system,” and that it’s unlikely that more geeps will be bred in the future. According to the Independent, “this form of cross-breeding is extremely rare because of the genetic distance between both species. The geep usually dies either during the pregnancy, or is stillborn.”

Bummer, because we got excited thinking about what the meat would fall under on a menu. Lutton? Lamton? Mumb?

Watch the video below for a look at the little fella.

[via Neatorama]