The recent hullabaloo over Lena Dunham’s photoshopped Vogue spread has reignited the debate about how glossy magazines retouch images of women to create an unrealistic ideal of beauty. The concern is that those images set a terrible precedent for young girls, who grow up hating their bodies.

After a number of Photoshop reveal videos garnered publicity on YouTube, CollegeHumor decided to make its own. The video—entitled “Photoshop Has gone Too Far”—pokes fun at all those who criticize digital retouching.

What does this model look like before the magic of Photoshop? Pizza. She’s just a slice of pizza.

Watch the video to see how a lowly pizza slice was transformed into a beautiful model. Then ask yourself, which would you rather have by your side—a beautiful woman or a pizza pie? (Correct answer: Both.)

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[via FoodBeast]