First, we learn about a meatball restaurant in Paris named Balls, and now, we find out there’s a spicy fried chicken truck called “Cockasian.” Is this really necessary? The folks over at Port San Antonio are just as turned off as we are, and have made moves to ban the Cockasian truck from serving its chicken at the converted military base.

Paco Fellini, a Port San Antonio spokesman, told News 4 San Antonio that the truck has been barred because “the name could be offensive to others.” Offensive? More like straight-up dumb.

Candie Yoder, the owner of the food truck, tells News 4,

[pullquote]“For us, [the name] was based on jokes that I kept getting because I was a caucasian doing an Asian truck without any background in…being Asian, I guess.”[/pullquote]

The controversial name has only boosted business for the truck, making it a social media sensation. Yoder promises that the name has “boundless meanings, none of which are sexual or a racial slur.” says otherwise.

The restaurant has taken advantage of its mobility and has moved to The Point on Boerne Stage Road, where it is set to make its debut on March 9.

[via Eater]

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