This morning, Taco Bell unleashed their breakfast menu onto the world. The breakfast item with the most buzz was undoubtedly the Taco Bell Waffle Taco—a waffle in place of a taco shell, stuffed with eggs and either sausage or bacon.

Jamie “The Bear” McDonald—a 36-year-old, 6 foot 2 inch tall “Hercules lookalike” and competitive You Tube eater—decided to pick up 20 Waffle Tacos this morning. His goal? To see if the Waffle Taco would live up to the hype, but also to see how long it would take to eat 20 Waffle Tacos.

On falling short of his goal of eating 20 Waffle Tacos, McDonald explains,

“I was going to do 20, but, I did not double count the bags and I was only given 18.”

Nevertheless, downing 18 Waffle Tacos (9 bacon, 9 sausage) in six minutes is a pretty impressive feat. Before he begins, McDonald proclaims, “Look it’s like a little baby. If I knew they were that big I would have gotten more.” Mad courage.

His review:

“Yeah, they’re alright. Pretty good. Definitely recommend adding syrup to ’em. The waffles aren’t very sweet, so it needs a little bit more sweet to balance it out.”


[via YouTube]

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