CNN reports that Twitter has officially banned pornographic content on Vine, its year-old social-video service. Although there’s likely tons of porn on Vine, the news source claims it’s all because of the dude who recently documented his sexual exploits with a microwaved Hot Pocket on Vine. His account, @VersacePoptarts, was subsequently suspended  on Vine and Twitter after he posted the naughty Hot Pocket video.

CNN claims that there were initial concerns about porn-related content when Vine first launched, but for or the past year, there have been no official rules against pornographic videos. The site continues,

“At least until last month, when a young man rose to temporary Internet fame when he filmed himself being intimate with a Pop Tart and then a Hot Pocket.”

The dude who had sex with a hot pocket—who has returned to Twitter under the name @althepaca—seems relatively proud of the fact he got Vine to change their policy:

He has been tweeting about the new porn rules on Vine since the CNN article came out yesterday morning.

The new Vine rules forbid videos of sex acts that are alone, with other people, or with objects. CNN reports that sexually explicit animations and nudity are also a big no-no.

Although, Twitter is not blocking all nudity. It makes exceptions for any nudity that is documentary, artistic or educational. For example, breastfeeding photos will still be allowed, as well as shots of “nude protesters.” Sexually suggestive content is also still welcome, as long as it’s clothed.

We get the feelings that Versace Poptarts is really going to run with these “exceptions to the rule.”

[via CNN]

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