Food Day, a health-eating organization, has created a nifty chart that ranks and assigns scores to vegetables based on their nutritional content.

The score for each vegetable was calculated by tallying up the vitamins, minerals, and fiber in a modest serving of 73 different types of vegetables. Turns out, leafy greens like kale, spinach, and collards are incredibly good for you.

Food Day explains its vegetable scoring in detail:

“We calculated a score for each vegetable by adding up its percentage of: (1) the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) or Adequate Intake (AI) for seven nutrients, (2) the Daily Value (DV) for fiber, and (3) the daily targets that we’ve devised for lutein (plus zeaxanthin) and carotenoids other than lutein.”

Check out a chart of super-nutrient vegetables below.
top5veggies(Photo: Food Day)

Both leafy greens and dark orange veggies came out on top, with scores reaching 1,392 (kale), while less nutrient-rich vegetables such as onions, radishes, and white mushrooms lingered in the 0-20 point range. These low scores don’t mean that you should avoid these vegetables completely.

Food Day says that “when it comes to a 20-calorie vegetable, you can double the serving—and the score—without any downside.”

Here’s a snippet of the top five vegetables in each of Food Day’s three ranking tiers.


(veggies with scores exceeding 150)

  1. Kale (1,392)
  2. Spinach (968)
  3. Collard greens (737)
  4. Swiss chard (717)
  5. Turnip greens (714)

Veggie Good

(veggies with scores between 50 and 149)

  1. Savoy cabbage (139)
  2. Tomato (136)
  3. Red cabbage (135)
  4. Asparagus (134)
  5. Green bell pepper (113)

Gotta Love’em

(veggies with scores between 0-49)

  1. Jicama (48)
  2. Rutubaga (44)
  3. Beets (43)
  4. Jerusalem artichokes (41)
  5. White button mushrooms (33)


Click the veggie chart below to view it in full.


All photos via Food Day.

[via BuzzFeed]