Flags are at half mast in Louisiana today. Not really, but they should be, because an 18-wheeler truck carrying 76,000 corn dogs from Louisiana to California flipped over this yesterday, covering the road with a whole lot of cornmeal and fat.

According to WRBZ, the corn-dog spill occurred around 3:40am when the truck overturned and crashed into a guard rail, shutting down highway 1-220 West until around 12:30pm, when the clean-up crew finally managed to tidy up the aftermath.

Luckily, Foster Farms, the corn-dog producer whose wares were on the truck, has three other locations in the South, so it looks like corn dogs will be back on shelves in time for Coachella and those spring-time Venice Beach strolls.

Here are a few images of the carnage:


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According to WBRZ, no one was hurt in the wreck. No one but the corn dogs, that is.

And now, we will watch amazing blue-collar comedy for the rest of the day—here’s Bill Engvall with the finest corn-dog joke of all time:

[via Gawker]

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