Meet the ‘Ulti-Meatum,’ a 10,000-calorie, real-life version of the “best burger in the world” from the Cartoon Network series The Regular Show.

The Regular Show cartoon burger.

The Regular Show cartoon burger

Created by Corinne Clarkson of Mister Eaters chip shop in Lancashire, UK, the monstrosity is composed of five pounds of beef, six slices of cheese, and three buns, and is essentially a cheeseburger encased within another burger. Yes, there’s an extra cheeseburger cooked into the middle patty.

Clarkson was inspired by an episode of The Regular Show in which the main characters attempt to eat a giant burger that can only be ordered once every 100 years. “I saw a few people had tried to make it on YouTube but they were terrible,” she told the Daily Mail. “I wanted to do it properly and it took me four attempts to get it right.”

The monstrosity of a burger can be yours for free, if you have what it takes to consume all 10,000 calories in one sitting. Or, you can pay £20 (about $30), and have the chip shop owners cook the sections for you to assemble at home. Or, you could not eat it at all, because honestly it might kill you.

The Ulti-Meatum burger from Mister Eaters

The Ulti-Meatum burger from Mister Eaters

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