Taco Bell dropped the most talked-about food collaboration of the past two years with the Doritos Locos Tacos (over $1 billion in sales, doggy), and now it looks like the Tex-Mex kings are going for the streetwear crown. Or at least it seems that way based on this not-so-subtle hint on Twitter:

The Hundreds would be the L.A.-based streetwear brand founded in 2003 by Ben and Bobby Hundreds (who, it should be said, has some pretty good taste in food). Over the past decade, the company has managed to stay relevant in a notoriously fickle industry, growing a massive online following and doing countless collaborations—including some with multinational corporations like Disney.

So, all signs point to this being a real thing—the smoking gun might be this post from the Hundreds blog last year about visiting Taco Bell HQ. The bigger question, though, is whether this is a good thing.

While we’re definitely interested in an all-over-print nacho hoody, the notion of fast-food companies being in bed with indie brands is more than a little bit weird. Streetwear has a long history of jacking logos from popular culture and flipping them for its own subversive purposes. But now that cool-kid fashions are big business, there’s no need for designers to crib from mega-brands—instead, they can just collaborate and make more money.

To be fair, streetwear and fast food aren’t fundamentally at odds. In fact, it’s safe to say that the hip-hop and skate culture that the Hundreds grew out of loves Crunchwrap Supremes as much as anyone. But the notion of hypebeasts lining up for Taco Bell gear—something we can likely look forward to if this project comes to fruition—is just another indicator of how marketing is the new art, and hustling has much more cache than being anti-corporate.

Either way, one thing is clear: Taco Bell is damn good at staying relevant with the youth, and tacos will forever be the most swagged-out food.

[via Taco Bell/Twitter]