Each Sunday, the FWF team selects the most inspiring, enlightening, and fascinating stories from the previous week. Spend your day of rest reading some exceptional food journalism.

Chefs DIscuss the State of Pastry in the U.S. [via Grubstreet]

In a great complement to Adam Platt’s screed against dessert, Sierra Tishgart rounded up some expert opinions on various aspects of sweets in the modern restaurant, including the economics of doing a dessert trade and the career trajectory of pastry chefs.—Chris Schonberger

So You Think You Want to Open a Brewery… [via Serious Eats]

Curious about what it takes to go pro and start a brewery? Looking for advice? HenHouse Brewing founder  Collin McDonnell has some for you. He says, “The bad news is that what I’m about to say may not make opening a brewery sound like that much fun.”—Erin Mosbaugh

Rewriting the Menu on Tulum [via NYT]

Julia Moskin heads to Mexico to visit Hartwood, a restaurant where all of the food is cooked over open flames. She finds that it’s both primitive in spirit and avant-garde in its ideas. “These chefs are rewriting the menu of fine dining (foie gras is out, sea vegetables and heirloom rice are in), aiming for food that is natural, minimal and egalitarian.”—Chris Schonberger

How Sound Affects the Taste of Our Food [via Guardian]

“High-frequency sounds enhance the sweetness in food, while low frequencies bring out the bitterness.” That fact alone is kind of mind-blowing. The possibilities are endless.—Chris Schonberger

The United Steaks of America [via Slate]

This incredible (but also sort of ridiculous) map infographic illustrates the “official meat” of every state. California got tofu, pshhhh.—Erin Mosbaugh

36 Hours in Nassau, the Bahamas [via The New York Times]

This profile of the Bahamas’ capital—featuring lots of fried conch, ceviche, and rum—is enough to make me take a plane, boat, or swim to the islands.—Erin Mosbaugh