Most of what we consider taste is really just smell. The Aromafork by Molecule-R takes this truth about flavor perception and runs with it.

Fast Co. reports that the fork holds an aromatic compound near your nose, mixing the food that you’ve just put in your mouth with what’s in your nostrils to create new flavors easily within your palette.


Molecule-R President Jonathan Coutu tells Fast Co.“The idea behind the Aromafork came to me during a wine and food pairing class. I immediately thought of a device that would provide a flow of aroma upon inspiration.“

So, how exactly does the Aromafork work? The fork has tiny depressions on the handle, and each depression holds blotting paper. The blotting paper contains a drop of an aromatic.


Now for the fun part: The fork comes with a kit of 21 volatile compounds.

Here’s a list of the included aromas:

  • 3 “Beans” aromas – chocolate, coffee, and vanilla
  • 4 “Fruits” aromas – banana, lychee, passion fruit and strawberry
  • 3 “Herbs” aromas – basil, cilantro and mint
  • 3 “Nuts” aromas – almond, coconut and peanut
  • 4 “Spices” aromas – cinnamon, ginger, jalapeño and wasabi
  • 4 “Umami” aromas – butter, olive oil, smoke and truffle

All we can say is, chef Grant Achatz and the entire Alinea team have probably preordered thousands of these babies (unless they’ve already created their own version of a scent-emitting utensil, which is highly probable).

The device will be available later this summer, but you can preorder it on the Molecule-R website for $58.95.


[via Fast Co. Design]