For Young Lee, a co-founder of the Pinkberry frozen yogurt chain, life isn’t all pretty pink pastel hues and low-calorie frozen fun anymore. For the next seven years, he will be sporting an orange jump suit, all because he beat up a homeless man with a tire iron, reports Gawker.

The beating took place in June of 2011, when Lee violently confronted Daniel Bolding, a homeless man, for flashing a sexually explicit tattoo at Lee ‘s car, which was filled with his friends and fiancee.

Lee drove away, only to come back armed and ready with a tire iron, leaving Bolding with two strikes to the head and a broken arm.

In November of last year, jurors convicted Lee of assault with a deadly weapon, and stated that he is a “significant threat to the community.”

On Friday of last week, Judge Henry Hall put the case to rest by declaring that Lee stay in custody without bail until his maximum seven-year sentencing takes place in January.

Turns out, this isn’t the first time Lee’s tinkered with the law. According to the Daily Beast, he has previously been busted for narcotics and spousal abuse.

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