PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is notorious for its shocking advertisements, which depict everything from animals being slaughtered to scantily-clad women accompanied by slogans like “Eating meat is a sin: Go vegetarian.”

In its latest video and print ads, PETA uses emojis to tell a story of animal cruelty and abuse. Adorable bunnies, monkeys, foxes, and tigers are placed next to guns, hammers, and hypodermics. Eventually, the cute little emoji animals turn into skeletons.

We made a GIF of the carnage below, just so you can get emotionally exhausted watching it on loop.


Adweek reports that “the nonprofit group said it went the iconic route because this campaign is aimed at the young, a demo who likely wouldn’t be able to identify Pamela Anderson, clothed or not.”

Los Angeles agency BPG created the ads, in collaboration with Waterfall mobile, who created an emoji-based texting feature that allows people to donate money to PETA.

So, what do you think? Frowny face or thumbs up?

[via Adweek]

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