The votes are in, and Real Food Media has awarded “best video short showcasing a sustainable movement” to Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine of Perennial Plate. The film is Homeward, which follows a group of Mexican oregano farmers who created a co-op in an attempt to keep their community together after many workers left for the United States.

The incredible Perennial Plate creators travel the world, looking for stories to share about global food production. Their videos are cinematic and often tug at your heartstrings.

The Real Food Media group dedicates itself to spreading stories of sustainable farming around the country. Consumers gain a better understanding of the skill, dedication, and endurance that farming requires. At the same time, Real Food Media gives a public voice to small initiatives.

Out of ten contestants, Real Food Media chose their favorite five. All the videos are under five minutes, and cover topics from beekeeping to the Green Bronx Machine.

Watch Homeward above, then scroll down to see the rest of the awards.

3rd Runner Up

The Gift
Submitted by: Jean-Marc Abela of Montreal, Quebec

2nd Runner Up

A Greene Generation
Submitted by: Tim Grant of Charlotte, North Carolina

1st Runner Up/ People’s Choice

Green Bronx Machine
Submitted by: Brendan Van Meter of Suffern, New York

[via Inside Scoop SF]

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