Swedish popsicle maker GB Glace‘s newest creation, which is specifically marketed to kids, looks more like it was created for a trashy bachelorette party than a playground.

The “X-Pop” is purportedly in the shape of a rocket, but the only people who see it in that light are the manufacturers. In reality, the kid-oriented pop comes off in a pretty phallic manner.


Swedish journalist Erik Carlsson tells The Daily Dot:

[pullquote]”In several interviews [the manufacturers] continue to claim that they have no idea what people are talking about. They just see it as a normal popsicle.”[/pullquote]

Carlsson goeson to translate his favorite comments from GB Glace’s Facebook page.

One commenter says, “I ate one last week. Or, I actually bought it for my daughter, but when I opened it I died of laughter and said to my boyfriend that they have made an ice cream dildo!

Another writes, “It’s a little bit kinky to eat the top of the ice cream because it ‘pops’ in your mouth.”

Because kink is exactly what children look for in popsicles.

This isn’t even GB Glace’s first controversy. In 2005, the company found itself in trouble after releasing an ice cream flavor called “Nogger Black.”


[via The Daily Dot]