Last night was a huge moment in pizza history. Ellen DeGeneres ordered delivery pizza to the Hollywood & Highland Center for all those starving A-list celebs—from Kerry Washington to Brad Pitt—sitting in the audience at the Oscars.

DeGeneres ordered the pizza from Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria, a Los Angeles chain with 20 locations, then got celebs like (moneybags) Harvey Weinstein and Brad Pitt to throw tips into Pharrell’s hat for the delivery guy. Little known fact: In 2011, BMPP set the Guinness World Record for world’s largest deliverable pizza. The pizzeria chain’s website bears a photograph of a 2,916-square-inch pizza dubbed “the Giant Sicilian.”

So, who partook in the Oscars pizza eating? None other than Jared Leto, Brad Pitt, Kerry Washington, Julia Roberts, Corinne Fox, and more. In other news, Leonardo DiCaprio passed on the pie, then put on his best loser face when the award for Best Actor went to Matthew McConaughey.

Check out celebs feasting on pizza at the 86th Academy Awards below.


Watch the whole cheesy, saucy Academy Awards pizza shebang go down right here:

The champs over at The Daily Mail kept a tally of which stars ate pizza (and how many slices). We are now rejiggering our love for celebs based on their pizza intake.


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