The always-incredible Action Bronson—a.k.a. Ill Prosciutto, a.k.a. Bam Bam Baklava, a.k.a. Bronsolino—sat down with Pitchfork for their “Over/Under” Interview series and didn’t disappoint.

The prolific MC weighed in on celeb chef Guy Fieri (“Your man had frosted tips in 2014, he’s underrated for sure.”), mussels (“They smell like straight shit, and I don’t like eating shit.”), thrift stores (“Like yeah I’m gonna buy those pants. What if he shit his pants, in those pants, that you’re wearing?”), antiques (“I might drop 15 thou today on a dining table, pre-war.”), Snap Chat (“If you send a dick pic, and it’s supposed to go away, who’s to say she’s not taking a screen shot?”), Veganism (“I tried to become a Vegan. It’s just not for me. It lasted about 6 minutes.”), Sammy Hagar (“Fuck him.”), and luge (“Don’t luge your life”).

Another amazing Bronson quote from the interview about Guy Fieri:

“He is one of the most douchiest, scummy dudes that you could ever see in your life, but for some reason I love him.”

We eagerly anticipate a Donkey Sauce reference somewhere in Bronson’s next track.

Photo: Pitchfork

Photo: Pitchfork

[via Pigeons and Planes, Pitchfork]

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