Chicken soup will never again be a go-to comfort food for Nicole Montgomery.

The Colorado mom found a chicken embryo floating in a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, which she was about to serve to her four-year-old son. She poured the contents of the soup can out into a bowl, then spotted the pasta-sized embryo, which had a beak and tiny feet.

Montgommery immediately called Campbell’s customer service hotline to share her findings with a representative, who was just as stunned as she was. Montgommery describes the phone conversation to WWNT,

“She’s like, well, that’s not possible and I said, well, it’s got feet and a beak and it really looks like a dead chicken, and she’s like, there’s absolutely no way that can be a dead chicken.”

Campbell’s promised to send Montgomery a FedEx box to pick up the specimen for further investigation. The soup company told CBS News that it “takes claims of product contamination very seriously.” We sure hope so. At the very least, we’re now a little more confident that the meat floating around in our canned soup actually comes from chickens.

[via Jezebel]

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