New Yorkers are experts when it comes to complaining about those hefty tips they’re required to lay down at the end of meals. But according to new data released by Quartz, New York isn’t the most generous state in the country when it comes to gratuity.

A look at tens of millions of Square transactions across the US reveals that Alaska is home to the highest tippers, and customers generally leave behind a 17% tip.

The most penny pinching state of all? Delaware. Not only do customers in Delaware tip the lowest at 14%, but they also have the fewest percent of tippers—only 37.9% of customers even tip.

While it’s easy to jump to conclusions and point fingers at stingy states, it must be noted that the data isn’t entirely representative of the act of tipping as a whole. Square’s tips are logged and paid out by using credit cards, which could potentially tempt customers to deal out more than they would with cash.

Take a look at which US states are nicest to their servers.

Photo: Quartz

Photo: Quartz

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