Robin Sandusky was in for a bit of a slimy surprise when she dug into her lunch yesterday afternoon. The theatrical agent ordered a kale salad from Guy & Gallard in Chelsea, only to find that it came with a topping she didn’t order: a lizard head. Oh hell no.

“After a few bites, I look down at my fork, and think, ‘Oh, is that a piece of asparagus?’ And then I saw that it had eyes, and an arm,” Sandusky told the NY Post.

Guy & Gallard issued a refund, but the  store’s manager told the Daily News that “when the salad came back, the lizard head wasn’t there.” Intrigue!

Sandusky told the Gothamist that she did, in fact, send the lizard head back to Guy & Gallard. “I placed the lizard head back on the fork, back in the salad, and gave it to the delivery man.”

Guy & Gallard responded by issuing this statement: “Guy & Gallard pride ourselves on serving our customers the best and most nutritious food possible. We consistently receive good food inspection scores and we are currently looking into this issue. Guy & Gallard will continue to provide our customers with great service.” Weak.

Needless to say, finding a lizard head in your salad is pretty insane. But we kind of agree with Eater National editor Raphael Brion on this one:

[via NY Post]

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