Many a YouTube video has been inspired by the miraculous reaction that occurs when you combine Mentos and Coca-Cola.

This Italian magician/YouTube video savant took the science experiment one step further, incorporating Nutella and a prophylactic into the mix.

In the video above, Milleaccendini creates a “Nutella cap” for the liter of Coke by covering the bottle opening with the chocolate-hazelnut spread. He then takes five Mentos—which he found out is “the best quantity of Mentos in terms of maximum reaction”—and puts them in a condom. He attaches the condom with tape to the top of the bottle, pushes the Mentos through the Nutella into the Coke, and let’s the geyser-like reaction take place.

Watch as Milleaccendini gets seriously giddy over the eruption.


[via Gawker, Neatorama]