These days, it’s tough to imagine our lives without Twitter. But a long, long time ago (somewhere between about 2008 and 2010), many of us lived a Twitter-less existence and were apprehensive to dive into the fray.

The food world, like every other niche cultural group, has carved out its sliver of the Twittersphere, where you can find just about every restaurant, writer, and chef cat dropping 140-character missives. But it wasn’t always that way, and every Twitter user had to sent out that first awkward tweet at some point.

In honor of its upcoming eighth birthday, Twitter launched a website called, allowing users to search for the first tweet from any account. It’s fascinating to see the hilarious and confused first tweets of users, which is why we used the search tool to uncover the best #FirstTweets from some of food Twitter’s celebs and villains.