In a recent interview with, Anthony Bourdain, the beloved writer, chef, and TV host, discusses New York’s dynamic culinary scene, and dishes on his favorite places to dine in the city. Like any true New Yorker, he hits up his local deli for chopped liver and pastrami, and has no shame in eating dirty water hot dogs.

Below are some of Bourdain’s favorite NYC eats.

In Bourdain’s opinion, New York’s dining scene is a standout on an international scale because “it’s a melting pot, it’s big and there’s a lot of rich people here.”

He explains that the rich folk dine at expensive places, and those pricey restaurants train cooks who later open both expensive and inexpensive restaurants, mixing everything they’ve learned with their own culture and preferences. It’s a trickle down culinary effect, if you will. The result? “A recipe for a great culinary destination.”

Here are a few of our favorite sassy quotes from the interview.

On what New York City would be if it were a food

“New York is really a gumbo…but without being a gumbo at all.”

On the Cronut

“I think it’s an example of silliness and it’s mockable, but at the end of the day Cronuts are pretty goddamn tasty.”

On Brooklyn’s Dining

“I buy my food from a farm and I serve it on a f@#%ing table–do I really need a t-shirt announcing that?”

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[via Where Traveler]